Terms of Cooperation for Hotelcontracts

The following documents specify the terms of cooperation of the Partnership contract between Fit Gesellschaft für gesundes Reisen mbH and its “Partners“.

Terms of Cooperation for Fit Reisen Partnership Contracts

  1. All guests receive a voucher from Fit Reisen after the booking with the descriptions of the services (as outlined on the catalogue page/website). The Partner will then provide the services as stated on the voucher.

  2. The hotel will provide its services for the duration of this Premium Partner Contract. This also applies to all special and additional hotel facilities and services. Should changes in the conditions of the establishment or in the immediate vicinity of the establishment lead to a possible disadvantage of the guests, the hotel will inform Fit Reisen immediately.

  3. The hotel is liable for the fulfillment of this contract in case customers make claims against Fit for unsatisfactory performance of the hotel. After consultation with the Partner, Fit is entitled to deduct such compensation claims from the contract partner`s bills.

  4. Fit will contact the Partner at least 2 months before the editorial deadline of the next catalogue to give the Partner ample time to provide all documents (e.g. prices, products, information) for the update of its presentation. In case the Partner ignores repeated requests, Fit reserves the right to fulfill its obligation of this contract by updating the presentation with products and prices from the previous year.

  5. The hotel prices communicated to us by the partner are total prices, including all taxes and service charges. An exception exists only for the local tax.

  6. The marketing budget agreed on has to be used in the respective calendar year and cannot be transferred. The marketing arrangements that are part of the marketing budget are assessed with the current Fit marketing price list. Fit will inform the partner of each marketing arrangement together with the respective assessed value and the remaining open budget.

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