Our Philosophy

  • Our Mission

    “Fit Reisen Group: Wellness and experiential travel worldwide – Holiday goal: Health and well-being!”

    For over 40 years, the brands of the Fit Reisen Group have been developing and organizing holidays for better physical health and well-being. Our advice is individualized, professional and friendly.

    Our goal is to make every single customer happy and to make it possible for them to enjoy a personal dream trip thanks to our first-class service. Every employee has internalized this goal and contributes to its fulfillment.

  • Our Values

    “We set high standards for ourselves and our contact with people.”

    We treat each person with respect and kindness. We are authentic and have an optimistic positive attitude. It gives us pleasure to inspire other people.

    In our work environment we are motivated, competent, result and solution oriented. We get involved, open to suggestions and opinions. We are a team and work together to realize our corporate philosophy. We build bridges between departments and locations. We support each other and are mindful of the resources of others.

    Everyone is employed according to their strengths, at the same time the work is divided fairly. Our togetherness is determined by trust, appreciation, tolerance and mindfulness. We openly address conflicts, listen to each other, and leave room for the opinions of others. We always try to avoid conflicts and avoid any personal injury. We are open-minded with feedback and are optimistic. We also maintain decency and professionalism in stressful situations.

  • Our Standard of Quality

    “Highest quality is both our standard and our passion.”

    We work closely and aim for perfection. Every process at the Fit Reisen Group is focused on the customer. We know the customer expectations at each of our service points and will exceed them. In addition, in each individual case, we specifically think about how we can inspire our customers. We always look forward to receiving customer feedback, because we want to understand what we have done well and where we can improve even further.

  • Personal Advice

    “With heart and expertise, we develop and create your own personal dream trip”

    Our service team sees itself as a personal consultant and sometimes even as a “small doctor and psychologist” of each individual customer: we ask exactly, listen well, understand the wishes of the customer and then create the best offer with expertise and passion.

    We love to arrange individual trips for our customers, are their  first point of contact during the journey and look forward to the feedback afterwards. We are open-minded, friendly, authentic and make a personal connection to the customer in addition to the professional.

  • Individualised Product

    “Our trips are as individual as our customers: everything is possible!”

    As a specialised tour operator, we know the trends, separate them from mere fads and help to filter out offers with effective health and well-being. This is how we create and shape exclusive and individual products that are tailored exactly to the needs of our customers. We make the impossible possible and always offer the most attractive offer thanks to the best price guarantee.

  • Good Hotel Partnerships

    “Cooperation with the market leader for health travel is fun and successful!”

    The largest member of the group, Fit Reisen, differs from other organizers through the individual and partnership care of the hotels and the greatest reach in the wellness and health travel segment. Only high-quality hotels with distinct service and health orientation are selected by the product management, authentically presented and successfully marketed by Fit Reisen directly and through more than 10,000 travel agency partners. The unique aspect of each hotel is determined and allowing us to match the right end customer with the best suited hotel.

    We also see ourselves as consultants to our partner hotels: Because as a tour operator, we know exactly what the customer wants and expects and which treatments, trends and innovations in health tourism are decisive for many satisfied customers.

  • Trusted Cooperation

    “Unmatched expertise and individual support characterize Fit Reisen as a travel agency partner.”

    As the leading organizer in the segment, Fit Reisen is the first point of contact when it comes to health travel. We offer the fastest and most cooperative processing of all inquiries, are personally accessible, grant the highest reliability and have the greatest expertise for health travel. We provide a clear and easy booking process through numerous systems.

  • Authentic Marketing

    “We advertise with clear positioning, authentic presentation and rely on the recommendation of enthusiastic customers.”

    We give anticipation, awaken desires and make your dream trip fantastic. And: We keep what we promise. We deal with our goals and measure them by our mission statement.

    Through clear positioning in the respective travel segments, we set ourselves apart from the competition. The most important and best advertising media are enthusiastic customers. This goal is pursued by each of our employees.

  • High Profitability

    “Only a healthy Fit Reisen Group can provide health and wellness holidays.”

    Each employee sees themselves as an entrepreneur in their field of work, who weighs the time and benefit used, identifies urgent and important tasks and prioritizes them accordingly. Every employee knows why they do what they do and what significance it has for the company’s success. This gives rise to esteem and responsibility. Every employee assumes responsibility for the entire company beyond their own tasks.

    In the case of challenges, we immediately think about possible solutions and address them openly and directly to our supervisor. We work profitably. In the health travel segment, we will grow above the market average and aim for an annual increase in sales of 30%. That’s why we have to be better in every dimension than our competitors: Faster, cheaper, more individual, friendlier, technically better, more versatile and make the most extraordinary wishes possible. Every employee contributes to this goal.

  • Environmental Protection

    “Deep relaxation and true well-being can only be achieved in harmony with our environment.”

    We draw green electricity in the office and avoid any kind of waste in our daily work. We use public transport in the city center and preferably travel by train. We offer our customers the opportunity to travel CO2 neutral and encourage them to take this opportunity. Hotel partners encourage us to promote and actively promote sustainable tourism for the environment and people in the region.

  • Our Vision

    “Launched as a pioneer, positioned as a specialist, successful as a market leader!”

    We started with Fit Reisen and are pioneers in the health travel market. We have established ourselves as a specialist and are market leaders in quality health travel for all ages. We will continue to build on this position and leverage our experience for our younger brands to innovate and surprise the tourism industry. Whether end customer, travel agency or hotel: the specialist for health and well-being travel is called Fit Reisen Group.